The North Carolina Audiology Association is the single Audiology-Only professional organization in the state

We need you

Every Audiologist in North Carolina has valuable skills and experience. Great at public speaking? We need you at our conference. Love mingling with other professionals with a glass of wine in your hand? Our networking committee wants you! 

Power in Numbers

North Carolina has hundreds of licensed Audiologists, and yet, only a fraction of them participate in state-level professional membership. With our efforts combined, we can implement change and protect the families we treat every day. Get out of the sound booth and be counted as an Audiologist who matters!

We control our future

With healthcare changing rapidly and threats to our scope of practice at our doorstep, we cannot sit on the sidelines of our own professional destiny. Now is the time to act and ensure that Audiology in North Carolina has a long and respected future.


  • Advocacy and legislative initiatives for Audiologists and patients
  • Professional networking and collaboration
  • A voice for every member within leadership, support and educational branches of NCAA
  • Continuing education opportunities through our Annual Conference
  • Platform for public outreach and education
  • Student development and mentorship
  • The potential to enact real change for the field of Audiology as it impacts professionals and patients in the state of North Carolina