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Name Level Practice / Clinic
Alexandra McCormick Student
Alexis Nye Student
Alyssa Fischer Student
Amanda Davis Student
Amanda Tolen Student
Amy Noxon Student
Angela Higgins, AuD Audiologist UNC Hospitals
Anna Benson Audiologist
Anne Misey Student
Anomis Dula Audiologist
Anthony Solari Student
Arielle Abrams Student
Connor Zimmerman Student
Courtney Schlachter Student
Danielle Doyle Audiologist UNC Health - Pediatric Audiology
Ellen Poland Audiologist
Emery Bulla Student
Emily Geiger Student
Evan Fischer Audiologist
Hannah Escobar Student
Hannah Heet Audiologist
Hannah Heet Audiologist
Hannah Hodson McLean Audiologist
Hannah Osborne Student
Ivy Saul Audiologist
Jack Roush Audiologist
Jane Khin Student
Jenna Duerr Student
Jenna Van Bosch Student
Judith Conley Audiologist
Judy Egan Thurston, AuD Audiologist Wake County Public School System
Jwala Rejimon Student
Kaitlyn Thompson Student
Karson Moore Audiologist
Katherine Szczepkowski Student
Kathryn Sobon Student
Keerthana Velappan Student
Keerthana Velappan Student
Kelley Averette, Au.D. Arizona School of Health Sciences 2001, MS. East Carolina University 1988, BS East Carolina University 1987 Audiologist Wake County Public School System
Kelly Anderson Student
Kelly Knolhoff Audiologist
Kristin Bryant Audiologist
Laura Braswell Audiologist
Lenise Tillery Student
Leslie Whitlock Audiologist
Madison Rock Student
Mallorie Price Audiologist
Meredith Braza Student
Olivia Giglio Student
Page Waddell Audiologist
Philip Griffin, Au.D. Audiologist UNC Hearing and Communication Center
Robin Jones Audiologist
Sara Fox Audiologist
Saranna Barker Audiologist
Shannon Culbertson Student
Shannon Frymark, Au.D., Au.D. Audiologist Aim Hearing and Audiology Services
Shelly Cristobal, Doctor of Audiology Audiologist Hearing Health Care Services
Sierra Eicher Student
Stephanie Ortega Student
Taylor Simmons Student
Victoria Sweeney Student
Will Eblin Audiologist