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Name Level Practice / Clinic
Alexandra McCormick Student
Alexis Nye Student
Alyssa Fischer Student
Amanda Davis Student
Amanda Tolen Student
Amy Noxon Student
Angela Higgins, AuD Audiologist UNC Hospitals
Anita Carroll Audiologist
Anna Benson Audiologist
Anne Marie Egan Student
Anomis Dula Audiologist
Anthony Solari Student
Arielle Abrams Student
Caitlyn Paulson Student
Caitlyn Whitson Audiologist
Carla Forestieri, MS Audiologist WakeMed ENT
Connor Zimmerman Student
Cory Surridge, Au.D.,- F-AAA Audiologist
Courtney Schlachter Student
Courtney Southard Student
Danielle Doyle Audiologist UNC Health - Pediatric Audiology
Darla McDonald Student
Deb Culbertson Audiologist
Doug Garrison Audiologist Duke Vestibular Disorders Clinic
Eilzabeth Rooney Audiologist
Ellen Poland Audiologist
Emery Bulla Student
Emil Frymark Audiologist
Emilee Tucker, Au.D., CCC-A Audiologist Carolina Ear Nose and Throat - Sinus and Allergy Center
Emily Geiger Student
Emma Tomaszewski Audiologist
Emma Wasko Student
Eneida Agolli Audiologist
Erin Kokinda Student
Erin Kokinda Student
Erin Young Student
Evan Fischer Audiologist
Fayne Fischer Audiologist
Geneva Britt, AuD Audiologist As needed services, not employed full time
Gordon Fletcher Audiologist
Hannah Escobar Student
Hannah Heet Audiologist
Hannah Heet Audiologist