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Name Level Practice / Clinic
Alexandra McCormick Student
Alexis Dimick Audiologist
Alexis Nye Student
Allison Kern Audiologist
Allison King, AuD Audiologist Palmetto Family Hearing Center
Alyssa Fischer Student
Alyssa Flippo Audiologist
Amanda Davis Student
Amanda Tolen Student
Amy Noxon Student
Andrea Dunn Audiologist
Angela Pearson, AuD Audiologist Bright Audiology
Anita Carroll Audiologist
Anne Marie Egan Student
Anthony Solari Student
Arielle Abrams Student
Caitlyn Paulson Student
Chasity Walton Student
Connor Zimmerman Student
Cory Surridge, Au.D.,- F-AAA Audiologist
Courtney Schlachter Student
Courtney Southard Student
Darla McDonald Student
Deb Culbertson Audiologist
Diane Catalano, Au.D., CCC-A Audiologist Duke Otolaryngology of South Durham
Doug Garrison Audiologist Duke Vestibular Disorders Clinic
Eilzabeth Rooney Audiologist
Ellen Poland Audiologist
Ellen Wilson Audiologist
Emery Bulla Student
Emil Frymark Audiologist
Emilee Tucker, Au.D., CCC-A Audiologist Carolina Ear Nose and Throat - Sinus and Allergy Center
Emily Geiger Student
Emma Chesnut Audiologist
Emma Tomaszewski Audiologist
Emma Wasko Student
Eneida Agolli Audiologist
Erin Kokinda Student
Erin Kokinda Student
Erin Young Student
Evan Fischer Audiologist
Gary Gaines Audiologist
Geneva Britt, AuD Audiologist As needed services, not employed full time
Gordon Fletcher Audiologist
Goutham Gosu Audiologist
Hannah Gray Student
Hannah Hodson McLean Audiologist
Hannah Osborne Student
Hannah Siburt Audiologist
Heather Hodgin Audiologist
Heather Serrano Student
Ivy Saul Audiologist
Jack Roush Charter Member
Jane Khin Student
Jenna Dawes Student
Jenna Duerr Student
Jenna Van Bosch Student
Jennifer Burkey, Au.D. Audiologist UNC Greensboro Speech and Hearing Center
Julianne Doherty Student
Julie Lohrman Audiologist
Jwala Rejimon Student
Kaitlyn Thompson Student
Karson Moore Audiologist
Kate Coates, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA Audiologist Coates Hearing Clinic, PA
Katherine Szczepkowski Student
Kathryn Sobon Student
Keerthana Velappan Student
Keerthana Velappan Student
Kelly Anderson Student
Kelly Johnson Audiologist
Kelly Knolhoff Audiologist
Kim Franklin, AuD. Audiologist Viewmont Audiology
Kristin Bryant Audiologist Wake County Public School System
L. Elizabeth Fountain Audiologist
Lenise Tillery Student
Lorin Oden, Aud, ABAC Audiologist Hearing Solutions of North Carolina
Madison Rock Student
Mallorie Price, AuD Audiologist Greenville VA Healthcare Center
Margaret Richter Audiologist
Meagan Lewis Audiologist
Melissa Karp, Au.D Audiologist Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte
Melissa Palmer, Au.D. Audiologist High Point Audiological-Clayton
Meredith Braza Student
Meredith Rooth, AuD Audiologist UNC Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Lab
Mieko Tanaka Audiologist
Nicole King Audiologist
Olivia Giglio Student
Olivia Zimmerman Student
Patricia Johnson, Au.D. Audiologist UNC Hearing and Communication Center
Philip Griffin, Au.D. Audiologist UNC Hearing and Communication Center
Rachael N. Piper, AuD Audiologist East Coast Hearing & Balance, Leland
Randi Leonard Holmes, AuD Audiologist ENT and Audiology Associates
Rebekah R. Perez, Au.D., CCC-A Audiologist Greenville VA Health Care Center
Sabrina Ferrero Student
Samantha Vrooman Audiologist Wake Audiology & Hearing Aid Associates
Sara Fox Audiologist
Sara Morgan Woods, Au.D., CCC-A, CAS Audiologist East Coast Hearing and Balance
Sarah Conrad Student
Sarah Stallings Student
Saranne Barker Audiologist
Scott Mills, Au.D. Audiologist Carolina Hearing Doctors
Selena Marcum Student
Shannon Culbertson Student
Shannon Frymark, Au.D., Au.D. Audiologist Aim Hearing and Audiology Services
Shelly Cristobal, Doctor of Audiology Audiologist Hearing Health Care Services
Sheri Mello, Au.D. Audiologist Raleigh Hearing and Tinnitus Center
Sherri Smith Audiologist
Sierra Eicher Student
Stacey Kane Student
Stephanie Ortega Student
Stephanie Panoncillo Student
Stephanie Sjoblad, Au.D. Audiologist UNC Hearing and Communication Center
Taylor Simmons Student
Tess Clark Student
Tracy Swanson, AuD Audiologist Gaston Eye and Hearing Center
Vallaree Archambault Student
Victoria Reinemann Audiologist
Victoria Sweeney Student
Vivianne Wersel Audiologist