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Member at Large

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Lisa Afton, Au.D.

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Meredith Rooth, Au.D.


Candidates for This Year's Elections


Judy Thurston, Au.D.

I am honored to accept a nomination for President-Elect and would be excited to serve our professional community here in North Carolina. I’m prepared to listen carefully to the diverse needs of each of our members as well as to be an enthusiastic representative of our collective voice.

My career has been built serving the students and families of Wake County Public School System in the Raleigh area. In this setting I routinely work within the framework of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and parents.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to communicate and consult with Audiologists practicing in private/public hospitals, ENT practices, educational systems, non-profit organizations, hearing technology manufacturing companies, and private practices. While my focus has been on pediatrics, I still cherish my rotation through the Durham VA as a graduate student many years ago. One of the highlights of my career has been serving as preceptor to many Audiology graduate students from both UNC-Chapel Hill and Eastern North Carolina University, with the goal of understanding and nurturing a connection between clinical practice and functional real-world settings. Our professional community now has a clear home here in NC Audiology Association and I would look forward to supporting the momentum of our growth.

Chris Hamilton, Au.D.

 Dr. Hamilton resides in Asheville, NC. He joined The Hearing Center of Asheville in 2006 after graduating from Northwestern University, moving into an ownership position in 2008. A life with sound, music, and audio engineering led to audiology and the joys of bringing sound to life for people with hearing loss. Dr. Hamilton served on the board of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology from 2015-2018 as a director-at-large, and was a charter member of NCAA.

"I want to see audiologist's achieve professional parity in our healthcare system with other doctoring professionals and I strongly support (and have supported earlier versions of) the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act; this will have a critical impact on the stability of our profession in the coming years, as we navigate the market changes surrounding over-the-counter hearing aids. I will work to preserve and enhance the autonomy of audiologists in all practice settings."

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