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Quick list for setting up a meeting a with a legislator

  1. Go to www.openstates.org

  2. Search for your legislators by your address

  3. Send them a meeting request letter (see below)

  4. Print out talking points to take

  5. Print out any copies of law you want to discuss or cite

  6. Attend meeting with confidence!

Sample Meeting Request Letter

Dear Mr. __________,

I am writing to request an appointment with you to introduce myself and share information regarding the current state of hearing loss care in North Carolina. I am an Audiologist from your district who is practicing in _______, setting serving the hard of hearing community and their families. I am also a member of the North Carolina Audiology Association representing the interests of practicing clinical and research professionals as well as students studying hearing science. North Carolina's health care policies are important to my practice, my colleagues, and to my patients who make up our community. I also serve as the ________ (list any NCAA or community posts you hold which may be relevant).

Of course, if a meeting on the ______ is not possible, we would love to schedule it for another time that is more convenient for you.

Thank you for your assistance with this request. In the meantime, if I can provide any additional information please let me know. Your scheduler can let me know of your availability through email _____________or by phone __________.



Title, Address, Phone number, Email

Click HERE to open Word version.

Audiology FAQ/Talking Points to Take With You

Who We Are


Masters or doctoral-level hearing and balance healthcare practitioners. Audiologists are legally and professionally recognized experts in hearing science and patient care. Trained at accredited universities within the medical or allied health schools, with a total of 6–8 years of academic and clinical training.

North Carolina Audiology Association (NCAA)

A group of Audiologists. NCAA is an audiology-only organization whose educational, lobbying, fundraising, and member engagement efforts will be solely dedicated to the interests of audiologists.

Jane Doe, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

Insert your bio here

Goals of Audiologists

  • We strive to provide the highest level of clinical services across settings including schools, hospitals, private practice, and in conjunction with ENT physician practices.
  • Conduct research to the advance the knowledge of hearing and balance science
  • Innovate to create hearing and balance devices and treatments to aid patients, such as hearing aids
  • Educate future practitioners
  • Community outreach
  • Legislative Engagement

Current Topics in Law Affecting Hearing Healthcare

Audiology Patient Choice Act H.R. 2276 and S. 2575

Over the Counter Hearing Aids H.R. 1652