Board Nominations & Elections

NCAA wants you to choose your leaders and the future direction of the association. Be fully involved in shaping your future.

Now that we are up and's time to make this association a truly democratic one.

Every member of NCAA will get to vote for the next groups of leaders. NCAA has over 120 members (students included) at this point, and conference registrations are pouring in. With memberships and the generous donations of Charter Members, NCAA has considerable funds to use towards our mission. Be part of the team that decides where we go in the future and work to get us all there!

Being involved with NCAA is so rewarding. Friendships, fun, connections, and professional's all here.

It's been an exciting journey, and a pleasure for each one of us to meet and get to know our fellow audiologists around the state. The level of excitement is high around what we can achieve when we work together. Add to that a strong membership with the funds to get things done...the potential is limitless! We need leaders and contributors to make it continue to happen.


Being involved with NCAA doesn't mean you have a second job. You get to choose the level of commitment that suits you.

Here are a few things that you should know about being nominated and running for a position with NCAA:

  • Anyone can nominate anyone else. That means that you can nominate yourself!

  • Nominees must agree to actually run before their name is put up for a position

  • Nominees will have a short statement on the NCAA website about why they want to run and what direction they think NCAA should go in.

  • Voting for the nominee that shares your ideas is how you make your voice heard with your vote

  • Running for a position with NCAA is an even stronger and more active way to influence audiology in the state. If you have an issue that you think needs attention, being on the Board of NCAA is a great way to bring attention to it!

  • We will all VOTE on the next group of leaders. You do NOT have to be at the conference to vote.

  • The voting is planned to done digitally before Oct 10-11 and the new leaders announced at the conference.


Leadership Positions

Past President (1 year term) - Advises the current president

2018 Nominations

Past President – Meagan Lewis (served as NCSHLA president)

President – Philip Griffin

President Elect - Lizz Rooney

Secretary – Meredith Rooth, Judy Thurston

Treasurer – Doug Garrison

Members At Large – Lizz Rooney, Sara Fox, Stephanie Sjoblad, Melissa Karp, Shelly Cristobal, Lisa Afton

President (1 year term) - Presides over the board and the Association, provides leadership, vision, and strategy.

President Elect (1 year term) - Advises the current President

Executive Board:

Secretary (2 year term) - Voting member of the board who also acts as a record-keeper. Great way to get familiar with the board.

Treasurer (2 year term) - Voting member of the board who acts as the financial administrator for the association.

Member at Large (Currently 3 year term, plan to reduce to 2 year term) - General members of the board who listen to association matters and vote on all matters. There are 3 Members at Large on the board.