Hurricane Florence Assistance for NC Audiologists – By NC Audiologists

Dear fellow NC Audiologists,

We hope this message finds you well and safe following the hurricane. During this difficult time of rebuilding it is important we come together as a community to help each other out.

Leading up to and at the NCAA conference on October 4th-5th, we will be collecting items to help rebuild and restore the clinics that have been affected by the storm. Any contribution made will be greatly appreciated! If you’re unable to attend the conference but would like to donate please contact us and we will coordinate pick up.

To those who were affected by the storm, we’d like to know what you need to replace items in your clinic that may have been lost/damaged by the storm. Please send any requests to or comment below. We want to know how best to help you so please do not hesitate to send along your list!

In addition to collecting donations, if your patients require assistance during this time we’d like to coordinate patient care as best we can. Please reach out so we can put your patients in contact with clinics willing to donate their time and expertise.

The North Carolina Audiology community is grateful that we have each other to lean on when times are tough. Please consider helping in any way you can!
North Carolina Audiology Association