NCAA 2018 Conference: “PSAPs and OTCs—Friend or Foe?”

We are proud to announce a Round Table Discussion: “PSAPs and OTCs—Friend or Foe?” This event is scheduled for Friday, October 5, at 11:30 am.

This event will be moderated by Gordon Fletcher, AuD, with an esteemed assortment of featured speakers and members as participants. Participants present five to ten slides to explain and defend their personal or assigned points of view. Interaction and questions from the audience will complete the event. The purpose of this exercise is to update attendees on status of these products and the regulatory issues involved.

Current participants include:

  • Gordon Fletcher, AuD, Moderator
  • Deb Culbertson, PhD
  • Dave Fabry, PhD
  • Chris Hamilton, AuD
  • Nancy McKenna, AuD/PhD
  • Ian Windmill, PhD

We are asking for help from you all, our members, to select a final member of the Round Table Discussion. Please send an email to us at to volunteer or nominate a candidate. We will consider an audiologist, audiology student or extern. Please include the name, contact information and a brief description of why we would include you or your nominee. If any of you have had the pleasure of attending any of the “GREAT DEBATE” presentations at AAA, you will recognize the premise of this session. The session is always lively, thought-provoking and generally a wonderful time! It will be an Event to Remember!

See you there! (CEU there)