A Note from the 2018 Conference Chair Tracy Swanson, Au.D.

I consider myself lucky to be a member of the strong audiology community that we have here in the state of NC. It is only respectful to this state to make sure this conference is worthy of the audiologists it strives to represent. The inclusive agenda will appeal to NC audiologists from every specialty and facility.

The agenda design includes:

  1. Current events vital to all of our NC Audiology Community
  2. Topics of interest to specialists: adults and pediatrics, private practice, medical, educational and academia
  3. National speakers
  4. Regional experts highlighting and showcasing the state-wide audiology community

Prime considerations for me were:

  1. If I could invite anyone, who would I include.
  2. If I’m spending my time and money,
    1. Let’s make sure I can get all my CEUs
    2.  Let’s make sure I am going to take something home that will impact my practice Monday morning

Make sure you check out more details regarding the conference here! I feel sure you will agree this is an outstanding line-up. Stay tuned for more information on conference details, events and opportunities.

See you there! (CEU there)


Official Schedule Now Available!

Check out our 2 track schedule for the second day of the conference!!!

Which track will you do?

Full 2 Day Conference

NCAA Member

Amazing speakers and a great meeting for all audiologists. Full conference means to get to learn it all, and see it all. Get ALL of your CEUs for the year in a one-stop shop!



1 Day Pass

NCAA Member

Pick and choose what day you want to attend. Pick the day that best suits your needs and your interests. Peds or adults, or perhaps the main day. The choice is yours.