Member Spotlight – Mary Maddock, AuD, Charter Member of NCAA

We are thrilled that so many audiologists have chosen to join NCAA as charter members.
Please see the membership page for more information about how you can become one of
the founding members of the organization. We asked one of our charter members, Mary
Maddock, AuD, to tell us about herself and why she chose to join NCAA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be in the great state of North Carolina?

I moved to North Carolina in 1986 to join a local ENT group after working in Texas for three
years after I graduated from the University of Texas – Austin.

Where or in what type of setting do you currently work?

I am currently in private practice which I started in 2005 after 19 years of working with four wonderful otolaryngologists.

What would one find you doing in your free time?

Sitting on my dock and playing with my dachshunds.

What is your favorite part of the state to visit and why?

Since I live on the coast I feel that I live on vacation. If I have to leave the coast I love visiting
the mountains.

If you were not practicing in a career related to audiology, what would you be doing?

Good question! I was drawn to audiology as a freshman in college and I honestly can’t
imagine my life doing anything else.

What were some factors in your decision to become a charter member of the new
North Carolina Audiology Association?

I am excited at the prospect of having a state organization that is designed for audiologists
and run by audiologists. I am honored to be a part of NCAA!

What is one goal you hope the new North Carolina Audiology Association can strive to

Public education.