Conference Updates: Parking and Student Network Bingo!


We’re going to have an outstanding conference! We have so many registrants that we had to bump up our food orders…and also have a lot of student attendees and participation this year. We’re delighted that NC audiologists have shown up for what should be a special event. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so now!


NCAA Pizza Social at Crank Arm

We’re having an audiology social at Crank Arm Brewery a few blocks walking distance from the Convention Center. NCAA is providing pizza for the event! We’ll start to head over to Crank Arm after the Trivia Bowl. There are lots of places to explore near Crank Arm including a gourmet chocolate house, craft beer shop, arcade, bar and billiards and the Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum.

Parking for the Conference

Follow the link below for parking information. There is a dedicated parking deck right across the street from the convention center that charges only $7 per day. Parking and Location Info

Student Networking Bingo

Don’t be surprised if students approach you to introduce yourself and ask you to answer questions about your experience as an audiologist…they are playing a 2 day game of networking bingo! They have to seek out audiologists from different practice settings and ask them stimulating and enlightening questions!

Don’t Forget to VOTE!

A link was sent to all NCAA members, whether they attend the conference or not, to vote for the next group of leaders. Check your email and even the spam folders (just in case) for the link for voting. Also, read the statements from the nominees attached as a word doc, to help you choose your representatives.