This Weekend: Audiology Town Hall

The North Carolina Audiology Association (NCAA) is a new association, totally independent of any prior organization, and comprised of an audiologist-only membership. We want to make sure that this group is inclusive of all audiologists across North Carolina, from all practice settings and all backgrounds. The new association directors want to hear what you would like out of your state audiology association. More can be accomplished when we all work together! To begin these discussions, please join us at the Audiology Town Hall meeting this coming weekend, Saturday, February 3rd, from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. You can either attend in person, or remotely. Details are listed below – or see our EVENTS.

To attend in person:

The meeting will be held begin at 12:30 PM on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, on the UNC Campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Free parking is located at the Bell Tower Lot (see map). Chaperones and students will be at the event to guide you into the lot and directly to the meeting located in Room G100 of Bondurant Hall.

Chapel Hill is conveniently located in the central part of the state close to the Triangle, and is a great place for a day trip! Before the meeting, grab some lunch at a local college restaurant such as Top of the Hill overlooking the iconic Franklin Street or at Merritt’s Grill, famous for amazing BLT sandwiches. Take a walk on the beautiful historic campus or drive to nearby Carrboro for some local shopping. This Saturday is a great chance to catch up with some colleagues you may not have seen recently!

To attend remotely:

Remember that if you can’t come in person, you can listen and speak to the entire meeting group through webcasting technology that is simple to use. Note, you must have either a computer with speakers and a microphone, or a smartphone or tablet with a speaker and a microphone.

To connect through your laptop, simply wait for a special link to be sent to you via email from NCAA. If you do not receive an email this week, please contact us at Simply click on the email once it arrives, and you will be taken to the meeting through your internet browser. No need to download any special software beforehand. Just click “yes” to any prompts asking you to run the website application. Please make sure to keep your microphone muted until you are ready to speak!

To attend the meeting through iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or other tablets, go to the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Download the app “Skype for Business.” That is all you need to do ahead of time. You do not need to create an account beforehand. Just wait for the special link to be sent to you by email. Click on the link and Skype will automatically open up and bring you into the meeting. Please make sure to keep your microphone muted until you are ready to speak!

You will be able to hear the meeting. When you are ready to speak, you can simply speak and your voice will be broadcast on the room speakers so that everyone present and on the webcast will hear you. You can also chat within the Skype application to write down a question as you think of it, or you can Tweet us a question with Twitter!

We hope to see you there!