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North Carolina Audiology Association


We are fortunate to practice in North Carolina, a state with a community of Audiologists whose level of expertise and range of practice is unmatched in the nation.  It is time to develop an independent state academy with the inclusiveness, flexibility and focus to support that community.  To that end we have established a new state academy, the North Carolina Audiology Association, Inc (NCAA). Our new association is now a registered entity, and is preparing to lead NC Audiology into the future.


A state conference is the lifeblood of a professional association. Meeting once a year to grow together and build a cohesive body of Audiologists will make us effective in our state and beyond.

A state conference is a critical way to:

  • Provide high quality CEU sessions.
  • Engage Audiologists in face-to-face professional networking
  • Plan and lead our organization and profession into the future
  • Update on the latest technology available from manufacturers
  • Engage students from all over the state in education, mentoring, and poster session
  • Share resources with each other that will advance our respective practices
  • Have a BLAST at the fun activities that we have planned!

We are pleased and excited to announce the the 2020 NCAA annual conference on October 8 and 9, 2020 in Durham, NC! 

Learn more about our Annual Conference here.

This year’s conference is going to be one of the best ever seen in North Carolina. We encourage you to attend with as many of your professional colleagues as you can. You will find presentations on both pediatrics and adults, diagnostics and hearing aids, and professional and practice development. There will be something for everyone, including students.

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